Announcing the release of IdentityServer3.Neo4j v0.1.3.40788

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We understand you may already have a node and relationship labeling convention within your graph. This version introduces configurable node and relationship labels across the entire library, controllable from the application configuration file.

The samples have been updated to show how this can be done in an ASP.NET MVC application.

Configuration settings, and their default values, include:

<add key=”UserLabel” value=”User”/>
<add key=”ClaimLabel” value=”Claim”/>
<add key=”ExternalLoginLabel” value=”ExternalLogin”/>
<add key=”RoleLabel” value=”Role”/>
<add key=”ScopeLabel” value=”Scope”/>
<add key=”ClientScopeLabel” value=”ClientScope”/>
<add key=”ClientSecretLabel” value=”ClientSecret”/>
<add key=”ClientLabel” value=”Client”/>
<add key=”HasClaimRelName” value=”HAS_CLAIM” />
<add key=”HasSecretRelName” value=”HAS_SECRET”/>

Roadmap Update (Updated 21 Feb ’16!)

We appreciate it can be annoying keeping up with a fast-moving library so we wanted to share our plans with you for the next releases so you can plan around it.

Next: We will be releasing a patch shortly for v.0.1.3.x which will fix external login providers (such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc).

Then: After that patch we will continue to fill the holes in our implementation of the different IdentityServer3 services and stores.

Later: We are continuously looking when to issue a Release Candidate for v1.0.0 (adopting Semantic Versioning – SemVer – in the process). Once v1.0.0 is out, we will jump on bugs and pull requests, but active development will be taking a hiatus while we work on migrating the project to run with IdentityServer4 and ASP.NET Core 1.0 and focus some resource on building out some other tools to help you administrate and interact with your graph database.

Announcing the release of IdentityServer3.Neo4j v0.1.2.31064

February 10th saw the 3rd public release of our Neo4j graph database providers for IdentityServer3 by Dominick Baier and Brock Allen.

In this release:

  • BUGFIX: Neo4jClientStore now honours the Flow type of the new client passed to the CreateClient() method.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Configurable Neo4j node labels extended to include Scope, ClientScope, ClientSecret, Client, and HAS_SECRET relationship. These are not rolled out across the entire codebase yet.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Neo4jClientStore.CreateClient() now supports multiple client secrets per client.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Neo4jClientStore.FindClientByIdAsync now also supports returning a collection of client secrets.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Neo4jScopeStore now supports multiple scope claims.

The samples have been extended with the addition of a WebApi sample and a JavaScript client sample.